Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh no they didn't!

My parents have gone over to the dark side. And I'm very frightened.

My Mom called me yesterday to tell me that they couldn't get their (real) Christmas tree to stand up straight after trying for 2 days to set it up. So what did they do? Well, they did what anyone would do in this situation.

They threw out their beautiful real tree and went to the store to buy a fake one.


This, from my Dad who SHAMED my mother and father-in-law into getting a real tree when they bought a fake one for the first time.

From my Dad who LOVES the whole tree-selection process.

From my Mom who whole-heartedly agreed with me when I claimed that a perfect Christmas tree just could not come in a box.

I feel like I must mourn now. Christmas just isn't the same now that my parents have a tree that they can open up like an umbrella and switch on (because it comes with the Christmas lights ALREADY ON IT!)


Mom and Dad - I love you... but I'm worried about you.


  1. It's a sad day in the Clay household that's for sure... I'm completely conflicted about this. On the one hand - no more water all over my hardwood floor, tons of lights on the tree, no needles ... but the real downside, no Christmas tree smell to stir up memories of Christmases past. Sigh

  2. You can always buy a scented candle if you want the tree smell. Yay to fake trees.
    You can also do what my mom does - decorate a different house plant every year. But we're Hindu, and can't justify killing a perfectly fine tree just to have it around for a few weeks every year.
    Oh - and we have curry for Christmas with some turkey for show - but with the cranberry sauce on the table still shaped like the can.. so I guess the tree thing is just one of our many Hindu Christmastime offenses :)

  3. It's not really killing a perfectly fine tree when it's grown for that sole purpose. Yay for real trees!

  4. I am shocked, absolutely shocked about the new tree tradition. Bring out the box. Speaking as one of the inlaws, who returned their boxed tree based upon your Dad's comments that he would not visit us over Christmas if we did not have a real tree. We have really enjoyed this faker who brings us REAL pleasure each Christmas season. It has paid fgor itself many times over. We had a REAL tree for 33 years and I don't miss the worry about watering, and needles all over the shop. But we did have so much fun looking for the perfect tree each year. I really loved the smell, but I can enjoy our faker with real zest.

  5. Fake trees = not a real Christmas. So says I.

  6. truthfully it looks nice! it took me awhile to even notice it was different.. haha..