Monday, January 31, 2011

My child likes eggplant parmesan

I'm a lucky Mom, no?

I'm sitting here blogging while my almost 1-year old finishes off her lunch of eggplant parmesan. (Homemade and healthy, of course). Anna was a bit of a picky eater while we were on vacation. But now she's back to her old self... chowing down on everything we give her, apparently.

Mama loves you, my good little eater.

In other news, Anna's turning one on Friday. Can I get a HOLY CRAP!!!!!? I can't believe it. It's been a year.

A few things I didn't expect to have happening as my child approaches one year of age:
  • Anna's still not sleeping through the night yet. Mind you, it is much better. Last night she woke up twice. Once around midnight (took a little while to get her back to sleep), and again at 4:00. (I nursed her at 4 because I just REALLY wanted to go back to sleep).
  • I'm still carrying 15 pounds of baby weight. I'm doing all the right things, so I know it'll happen slowly but surely. But I remember thinking I'd be back to pre-baby weight by around 6 months. Ha!
  • Anna has only 2 teeth and very little hair. Not a biggie at all... I just assumed she'd be all hairy like I was. Her two little teeth are very adorable, though. All little and sharp and cute.
  • I'm not going back to work full time. The freelance is picking up. Needless to say, I'm pretty damn happy.
  • I'm sleep-deprived, but so over-the-top happy as a Mom. I always knew I wanted to be a Mom. I knew I'd love having kids. But man - they just don't tell you how unbelievably awesome it is. When Anna wraps her little arms around my neck to hug me and presses her soft little cheek up against mine... there's really nothing else in the world that could ever matter.


  1. Wow, this year has gone fast! She must be very happy to be back in her own home and little trundly bed! Everything is sooooo much better with your own stuff all around! We will be on our way to sunny Florida on Anna's birthday, weather permitting! lol! Give her a big kiss and hug from her Great Auntie S{:~>)))))

  2. You are a lucky Mom - YES! And I could not be happier that you love being a Mom... the years I spent with you and your brother at home when you were little were the best years of my life! Hugs from you guys were and actually still are the best part of my life! I'm so glad you are having a chance to enjoy the wonders of being a Mom and having such a lovely little girl as our Anna!! xxooo

  3. It is quite unbelievable that one whole year has nearly passed since we all waited patiently at 2 different restaurants waiting for Anna's arrival. You both are great parents and it is so great to see you enjoying motherhood. I feel just like your Mom, my time home with the boys when they were young was so fabulous, I would not have traded it for anything. And now I see my kids enjoying their kids, what could be finer than having Anna and Elliott in our lives. Any so much fun to look forward to.

  4. The former anonymous is from Kathy (Nanny) something did not seem to work with the posting this time.