Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cross-promotion. Jargon. Revenue stream. Synergy.

(That was my little tribute to 30 Rock in the title there. Did you like it? Was it the best corporate presentation you've ever heard?)

The first word is actually there for a reason. Cross-promotion. This would be the point in which I shamelessly self-promote the new blog I'm starting.

Not the Only Mama. Yes, you may go there and read it now if you wish. If you need a little encouragement, read on.

When I became a Mom, and after my husband went back to work, I tried to do things on my own. And - surprise, surprise - I became a bit overwhelmed and got a teensy bit depressed for a bit.

Then I joined a Mom's Group and met some awesome first-time Moms who were just like me. They loved their children so much. But they didn't know exactly what they were doing. They were figuring things out as they went. They had bad days and rough nights. And they were willing to talk about it.

So every time I would meet up with these Moms, I would walk away feeling fantastic and confident and happy that I wasn't the only one going through whatever tough thing I was going through at the time.

That group of Moms became my saving grace. Not only did I get out with Anna regularly, but I met other women who completely *got* what I was thinking and feeling. And it didn't hurt that they loved talking about all-things baby the entire time either.

Which made me think... every Mom should have this experience.

Every Mom should know that they're not the only one who can't get their child to sleep or eat the way the "experts" say they should. They're not the only one who feels guilty because they can't make all of their baby's food or can't use cloth diapers or can't wear the child for at least 12 hours a day to make sure they grow into secure adults.

Every Mom should know that they're not the only mama.

So, that's what I hope to do. I hope to bring together Moms and let them know that at least one other woman has felt like they're failing at parenthood at some point.

In the end - I hope new Moms find out what I discovered. That there are lots of us. We're all trying our best. We all love our babies.

And that is really and truly the most important thing.

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