Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 11 month old...

... finally has her first tooth! It came through on Christmas Eve. The second one isn't far behind, judging by her mood the past week.

... can crawl really fast, pulls herself up like it's nothing, cruises on all the furniture and even walks behind one of her push toys. She's a mover and a shaker, that one.

... still loves shoes.

... isn't sleeping through the night yet. But she gave up the night time feeding at around 10 months. Now it's just her teeth that keep waking her up. (I think).

... just started waving hello and bye bye to Mommy and Daddy. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

... definitely understands the word "no". And definitely doesn't obey it every time we say it.

... says "Dada" a lot. But we're still not sure if she's directing it towards Andrew or if everything in her path is Dada.

... loves her new Christmas toys. Most babies would prefer the paper or the box... and Anna likes those too... but she truly loves her toys. She's playing independently with them on the floor right now while Mama drinks coffee and writes this blog.

... smiles and laughs a lot. Also likes people. And once she warms up to a new situation, starts babbling and laughing and grabbing onto everyone's feet.

... is great in restaurants. She even came to the King Edward Christmas brunch with us in her fancy holiday dress and was a perfect, perfect angel.

... sleeps well in the car, but won't sleep at anybody else's house. Which should prove to be interesting when we head off to Florida in a few weeks.

... is the cutest little buttertart in the world. Even when she's miserable from teething.

I love you so much, Anna. Happy 11 month birthday, baby.


  1. Wonderful Heather! Your little buttertart is going to love reading these blogs when she is older! I wish you lived around the corner so I could pop in and visit you both! love your blogs!

  2. Whoops, that was Aunt S. who just posted Heather, sorry I forgot to identify myself! lol!

  3. did you get her lots of presents for her 11-month birthday? i think you should :)

  4. She really has changed a lot in one short month... she just keeps on learning new skills... Anna - happy 11 months old birthday from Grandma xxxooo

  5. It is one big adventure with this little Anna. I haven't seen the waving but I bet it is really sweet. She has brightened our life the past 11 months and we look forward to all the wonderful exciting changes ahead. Nanny

  6. Awe, so sweet. Happy 11-month birthday, Anna!