Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well Baby

Anna had her 2-month Well Baby appointment with the doctor today. The kind of appointment that involves baby's first vaccinations. Anna did great. Mama got all sweaty through her sweater due to stress.

Anyway, a quick update on the wee one:

- Anna is now 11 lbs., 3 oz. and 23 inches long. She's in the 75th percentile. Good baby!

- She's developing a flat head at the back of her noggin, due to lying on her back all the time. But the doctor says it'll even out as she spends more time moving around and on her tummy.

- Everything is perfect... her eyes, her ears, her tummy and her sleeping and eating habits. She's even cooing a lot now. She likes to talk to her Mama and Daddy all the time. (Cute!!)

- When she had her vaccinations, you could tell exactly when she felt the needle prick her chubby little thigh by the look on her face. Then she started wailing away. But 5 minutes later, she was fine. Seems like she's going to be just fine with the whole needle thing.

(However, I still brought her home, fed her, cuddled her, and then wrapped her up in my stretchy wrap baby carrier thing so she can snuggle up next to my chest and sleep the afternoon away attached to a warm body.)

That might be more for Mama then it is for Anna's sake.

Tonight just happens to be the first night that Andrew and I are getting out for our first date night, too. (We've got tickets... otherwise, I wouldn't leave Anna after being vaccinated. Even though she seems totally fine.)

So... Grandma to the rescue! My Mom took the afternoon off of work and is coming by to hang out with us... then I'll leave to go get Andrew from work and head out for Date Night.

Andrew and I have a feeling we're not going to be able to talk about anything but Anna while we're gone tonight.

Wish us luck, folks.


  1. My first night out after the kid was born was mine and hubby's anniversary. The kid was about eight weeks old. We decided to go out for dinner, and I believe it may have been the fastest dinner in the history of the world. Including travel time, we were gone for just shy of two hours. Baby didn't even have a chance to wake up while we were gone. :-)

  2. It was great to be at the doctor's office while she had her appointment and hear how well she is doing. She was quite a trooper after her shot. Good going Anna and Heather.

  3. Enjoy your "date night"! You are leaving Anna in the very best possible hands! She was fantastic to my children when I really needed her and you and Andrew can enjoy your date with all the confidence in the world that your little bundle of joy is with her adoring Grandma! You and your hubby have both got fantastic educations, interesting lifestyles and experiences, but from now, your favourite topic will always be your little Anna and any future siblings she may have! haha! Unbelievable how much joy little Anna can bring to your life isn't it?

    Love you all - Aunt S{:~>)))

  4. That had to be the best time ever! Anna is such a good little baby. She was either eating, sleeping, or cooing at me. She's a little chatterbox! Loves to lie on her play thing and kick her legs and arms around, so adorable! Heather and Andrew enjoyed themselves! And I loved spending time with my little granddaughter!! LOVED it. :) It amazes how easy it is to soothe her... Good job Heather and Andrew!!

  5. And great job Grandma!! Isn't it more fun to have Anna all to yourself? I know I love it. Anna is really growing well isn't she? Love to hear stories about her.

    Aunt Gerry :)

  6. good work mom! i bet hez and andrew had a blast :)