Thursday, April 22, 2010

Excuses, excuses

Isn't it so easy to find every excuse in the book to not do something?

That's my problem of late.

When it comes to blogging, I've been telling myself that it'll have to wait. Because I've got laundry to do. Or I need a nap. I should really get outside. Or maybe I need to sit on the couch and catch up on my PVR'd Oprah shows.

But this is my passion. This is writing - for myself.

It's something I absolutely love to do. And something I can keep forever. Moments and memories and funny things I can remember - just by reading my written word. And it's something that I can pass on to Anna, too.

The other day, my Mom sent me a link to a blog that a guy my age, living in the city I live in, wrote. His blog was discovered and turned into a book. Now he's got the CEO of Chapters choosing his book as one of her favourites, and he's been on TV.

I remember thinking "That guy is me. That should be me." But it's not.

It ain't going to happen if I don't follow my passion.

So I'm dusting off the old laptop as Anna sleeps on my chest right now. And I'm going for it.

Even if it's just for me and Anna.


  1. Your motives are perfect... I know Anna will love your blogs and so do I. You are a fabulous writer, keep up the good work!! For all of us and especially for Anna.

  2. For you and Anna and all your adoring readers. I think of Julie and Julia and how it started as a blog. So keep entertaining us, and it will get even funnier as Anna does lots of funny things that most absolutely need to be shared with your loyal readers. Anna will love to read these in years to come. You write so well and it is a pleasure reading what topic you will choose next.