Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've been way too busy at work the past few days to do my regular morning blog... so I'm going to blog now. At 8:39pm. While I sit on the couch at home in my pjs, having just finished dinner (working late) and missing the hubby because he's working nights.

Anyway. So on to my blog.

I was thinking about what to write about when this past Sunday popped into my head. Ahhh... Sunday. 

On Sunday, I slept in until about 11 in the morning. Nice and late. Then, I lounged in my pjs and watched a bit of TV. After that, I decided to take a nap. The blissful, afternoon summer nap. Nothing can beat this type of nap.

Let me tell you why.

You see... there is nothing (nothing!) quite like taking a nap when the conditions are perfect. First, the window should be wide open, allowing a light, yet warm summer breeze to come in. The blinds must also be open (allowing for more breeze to enter). You also need to be incredibly tired so that the daylight (which is nice and cheerful) is not too bright to stop you from sleeping. (And so that you quickly drift off to sleep once your head hits the pillow). A fan must also be quietly whirring in the background, whilst providing more of a slight breeze. Finally, a simple sheet is the preferred type of blanketing to be used.

When all these conditions are met, you have what I like to call:  The Perfect Nap. 

And let me tell you - it's a mighty fine way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. 


  1. Yes, the Sunday afternoon nap is heaven. I like to lounge in the recliner, turn on the TV to a golf tournament and promptly nod off for an hour or so...

  2. Naps. Sigh. God, I miss those.