Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I mean it... I really am here!

I know, I know... it's bad blogging etiquette to disappear for a long time. But, Anna and I have been pretty busy. We've been going for coffee and brunch with people, we went to my cousin's trailer and relaxed on the beach, we've been to parks and out shopping. We've also been swimming and we've taken some really great naps. We're totally taking advantage of this summer thing.

In the middle of all this, Anna's had some major milestones. She's 6 months old (tomorrow), she's learned to sit up, and she's started eating solids.

Somehow, I've managed to forget the camera every time Anna's been in her super-awesome cute swimsuit... so I'll just have to remember it when we head out on our cottage vacation. However, I've managed to capture some of the past fun on film.

For your viewing enjoyment:

Anna's learned to sit up on her own. Can you stand the cuteness? Can you?

Hello Mummy! Look at me! I'm sitting up! I sit up super good, don't I?

(Sort of.)

Next, Anna started some solids. Yummy rice cereal!


Nom nom nom.

The verdict? DEE-LISH!

Next... onto avocado! (And onto Anna's face. Everywhere.)

Hmm... not so sure about this yet, Mummy. It's lumpy. And green.

Although, feeding myself is fun. I like the feeding myself thing.


  1. Too cute Heather! As she grows - she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.... but 6 months already? Seems like yesterday we were all waiting for her to arrive...

    Keep the posts coming and more pictures please!

    Aunt Gerry :)

  2. Heather she's soo cute. Her eyes are beautiful!

  3. I didn't get any work done today, kept looking at these great pictures of Anna! Can hardly wait to see her eat veggies in person :)

  4. awwwwwwww! she's the cutest!

  5. She is growing up, now eating solid food, where has the time gone. Hope to see her eating some of the veggies one of these days. Or maybe banana since it seems to be a favourite. Such a sweet little one.