Monday, August 9, 2010

My daughter and I

Anna had her 6-month Well Baby appointment last week. (She's 16 pounds, 5 oz. and 26 and a half inches long. She's a big, ol' healthy baby!)

During the visit, her doctor mentioned that Anna was doing excellent and I was doing a great job. I smiled and said "She's a lot of fun, that's for sure." He (a father of 2-year old twin girls) said that if someone had told him when his girls were 6 months old that it was only going to get more and more fun as they get older and older, he wouldn't have believed them because he couldn't imagine it being any better than it already was.

But, he assured me, it's true. It only gets better and better as each day passes and as each month goes by and as each birthday rolls around.

And I'm starting to understand exactly what he means.

Anna and I have so much fun together now - and I just consider myself so lucky to have her around. She was always amazing to me (as is apparent by reading my blogs about her) - but now, she's even more fun. If that's possible.

We go places together. We laugh together. We snuggle and play and sing and yell happily together. She gives me big wet kisses on my cheek and I smother her with smooches. She grabs my hair and pulls me close to her. And I pick her up and hug her tight to my body.

We're a team, my daughter and I.

And as each day passes, we have more and more fun. We have more memories. More things to learn about each other. More love. My life is just... more.

Man, I'm lucky.

We also have more sleepy pajama days, don't we Mommy?


  1. Seriously, you are one fabulous writer!

    I got one of Anna's kisses yesterday, melted my heart right then and there :)

    Love the picture, how our Anna loves the camera! What a cutie!!

  2. You certainly seem to be taking to motherhood in such a wonderful way. Anna is one lucky girl; and so are you. Anna is such a little sweetheart; love her so much. I love the way you both pose together for the camera; two peas in a pod.

  3. She is really quite profoundly cute, just like her Ma. Well done, Mommy.

  4. Awwwww.. Anna is a really great baby.. Good to hear the doctors know you're doing an excellent job raising her..