Monday, June 28, 2010

The tales of Pez and Smandrew

There once was a girl named Pez*. She was pretty social. She loved going out, meeting up with friends, seeing movies, dining out, going for a drink - and so on and so forth.

After almost 3 years of DINK (double income, no kids) married life, Pez and her husband Smandrew*, decided to have a baby.

When Pez got pregnant, she was never happier or healthier. She loved being pregnant and couldn't wait to have her little baby arrive. When baby Vanna* finally arrived, Pez and Smandrew were over the moon! They couldn't believe how amazing she was.

Sure, there were some rough moments in the beginning as they found their groove, but before long, Pez and Vanna had a great thing going each day. They had so much fun together. And Pez loved every minute of it.

Then, since things were going so good, Pez decided that she would love to have a teensy bit of her old life again... added on to her new life. Just a teensy bit. Like, for example, after Vanna went to bed, Pez and Smandrew would love to go to the movies. When Vanna woke up in the morning, of course Pez would be there to feed her and snuggle her and play with her. But at night time, Pez and Smandrew would be a couple again.

Well. Baby Vanna would have absolutely none of that! Vanna decided that nobody but Pez was sufficient enough to feed her or put her to bed at night. And if she woke up? Pez had better be there or Vanna would let everyone know in no uncertain terms that she was unhappy.

Vanna was only 4 and a half months old... but for Pez, that was kind of a long time to feel totally and completely tied to her little one at every minute of every day.

However, Pez came to realize that there could be no substitute for the amazingness that she was in Vanna's eyes. (Vanna was obviously very intelligent to figure this out at such a young age). So Pez decided to just go with it.

And even though she couldn't attend a really fun Girl's Weekend, and couldn't really get out with Smandrew much, and rarely ever saw her friends anymore, it was okay with Pez. It was really and truly okay.

Vanna was just so darn cute, that Pez didn't mind being attached to her all the time.

And besides, Pez fully intended on explaining to Vanna one day that the reason she had to be good, or had to give Mommy a break, or had to do what Mommy said was because Mommy did exactly what Vanna wanted whenever Vanna wanted it when she was little.

Pez was so not above holding it over her kid for the rest of her life.

The end.

*Some names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.


  1. Hi Pez, Nicely written with the insight of a loving mom. You can always have your times back with others, but time with babies is only once for each child and it helps them feel secure. You are doing a great job.

  2. Great post!! You are FUNNY!

  3. good old vanna.. she sounds very cute :)