Wednesday, December 5, 2007

12 is enough

There's nothing better than holiday baking, in my opinion. I baked cookies with my Mom at my Mother-in-law's house on Sunday. And we made a LOT of cookies, so we could all have a batch to last us through the season.

Anyway, so of course I'm going to sample a cookie or 2 here and there. Or 12.

Yep - I ate 12 cookies yesterday. In one day alone.

I was good and decided to forgo the morning cookie. (You know, the first thing you eat in the day... while you're waiting for your breakfast to be ready... mmmm... so good). Instead, I thought I'd have just 3 cookies for my snack after lunch. However, I brought 4 cookies to work to share one with a coworker. I didn't share.

Then, I got home and had to wait for dinner. So I had the "I'm just standing here, so I'll just have this little one right now" cookie. Then I had another.

After dinner, I thought to myself "tea and cookies would be so lovely now". So, a normal person would probably have 1 or 2 cookies with tea. I had 6. I have to admit... when I was on my 6th cookie I was thinking "I'm actually not hungry." But damn it, they tasted too good to not eat.

So that equals 12 cookies. I'm a teensy bit ashamed today. (Not too ashamed, however, that I couldn't bring 4 more cookies for lunch today. Today will be the day I share with my coworker. I swear.)

Good thing I'm going for a run tonight after work.


  1. ummm, the better be cookies for me to eat otherwise its going to be a dark, cold Christmas this year :)

  2. my cookie monsters!

    no worries, there will be so many cookies at Christmas, we will be very content!

  3. Morning cookies are my favorite. With coffee. Sooo good!