Thursday, July 15, 2010

Said by Hez

New in the Anna-Andrew-Hez-news front:

Anna went to her first cottage for 3 days, and had a fantastic time! She swam in a big ol' lake, slept well in a play pen, and got to watch her little cousin run around, all full of beans.

All in all, it was a successful first for little Anna.

Now that we're back home, Mommy's trying to figure out what to do with her time again. It's gorgeous out, and Anna loves being outside, so I'm trying to take Anna out and about as much as possible. However, walking around by myself just ain't cutting it anymore. (And one can only jog so much in this heat and humidity).

Anywho. Not much else to report. (Thrilling update, I know). More interesting info to come in the next installment.

But first! I'm jumping on the "Shit my Dad Says" bandwagon and including some of my favourite (and real) quotes, said by myself and those lucky enough to be considered within my circle of friends.

So, here it is folks. The first edition of "Said by Hez":

"Did you know that Miracle Whip refuses to tone itself down? This is not your Grandma's mayonnaise." ~Hez to her brother Chris in a Facebook post after seeing the new Miracle Whip commercial

"Nor should it.. if there's anything i want in my sandwich spread, it's an unwavering belief that it should never, ever 'tone it down'.. my real question is, who's asking them to tone it down? seriously? I guess it's just 'The Man' trying to keep a good mayonnaise oppressed like usual.. the bastards!" ~Chris' response

Here's a few oldie but goodies from my collection of work quotes. (These things were actually said by me and my coworkers within my business establishment).

"Hey, are we stripes or sobers?" ~Hez to coworker whilst playing a game of pool.

"I've had a lot to drink. Here's 100 dollars." ~Hez's coworker, drunkenly settling up the bill after a night at the pub.


  1. haha! or, what about "ANDREWWWWWW" (said by Hez after a night of drinking).. :P

  2. actually, i guess you didn't say that.. you sort of garbled it.. haha!