Sunday, July 4, 2010

To remember

I'm usually very organized... but lately, I seem to be all about disorganization. Therefore, even though I try to be really good about updating Anna's first year calendar (instead of a baby book), there are some things I can't help but forget.

Hence, the following list.

Things I want to remember about you, Anna:
  • At about 4 months(ish), you started sleeping through the night, only waking up maybe once (and even then, all you needed was your soother). No more night time feedings!
  • For about a week, you even slept all night long, not waking up once. I thought I had died and gone to sleep heaven.
  • However, for the past 2 weeks or so (you're now 5 months old), you've been waking in the middle of the night - lots. Like, every 2 hours or so. It's really tiring your Mama out.
  • You even need to be fed again in order to settle down and get back to sleep. Are you growing?
  • Ever since you were about 4 months, you started getting extra clingy towards me (I don't mind at all... you're super cute, after all.) But you wouldn't even let your Daddy put you down to bed at night.
  • For the past week, you've been allowing your Daddy to snuggle you to sleep again. (He says thank you, by the way).
  • You are super aware of everything around you now.
  • You no longer like to nap. (You used to do 3 hours in the afternoon... now you take 30 minute cat naps sporadically throughout the day).
  • You squeal with delight when we put you in your jolly jumper.
  • You like to yell to hear your voice.
  • And you take big, deep breaths before you start your yelling.
  • You smile at lots of people now.
  • But your biggest smiles are for me. (Thank you.)
  • You reserve your biggest, gummiest smiles for me when I come and get you in your crib in the morning.
  • I made you giggle one day.
  • You cooed a lot today.
  • You're really good at tummy time now. You no longer hate it.
  • You're *almost* ready to sit up on your own. I can just sense it.
  • I've been watching you eye my food intently at every mealtime. You seemed especially interested in my popsicle the other day.
  • So, tonight, on your 5 month birthday, I decided to give you a little taste of baby rice cereal (just to see your reaction).
  • At first you seemed pretty confused, but then you kept eating it up when I offered you a tiny bit more to taste. Are you telling me you're ready for it?
  • You snuggle into my neck when you're tired.
  • You don't mind me smothering you with kisses.
  • I love you more than I ever thought possible. (But I'm sure this is something I'll never, ever forget.)
Happy 5 month birthday, baby.


  1. It will be nice for Anna to have a chronicle of her life as written by her very talented mama! Great post!