Monday, March 15, 2010

I've showered today. Woo!

***Editor's note: I've been trying to write this blog post for 3 days. Seriously. Most of my time is spent feeding, changing, or rocking Anna to sleep. When she's finally asleep, I usually have to eat something, shower (if I'm lucky), do some laundry, or some other chore around the house. So blogging is no longer as easy as it once was. My apologies folks! But for now - let's get back to this (ir)regularly (un)scheduled blog.***

Another day. Home with my Anna.

Today is a good day. We've managed to take a mini-morning nap together, we went for a long walk and she slept soundly while Mama showered and ate her lunch. Hurrah! (I celebrate the little things.)

So little Anna is 6 weeks old this week (as of Thursday). And, even though it's super cliche, I have to say it... I honestly can't believe how fast the time has gone so far.

I haven't been home from work or school for 6 consecutive weeks since I was a kid without a part-time job. 6 weeks! That's a LONG time. But it hasn't felt like a long time at all. The time with my little munchkin is flying by.

This worries me somewhat. I don't want the whole year to go by in a blink because I'm totally loving the stay at home Mom thing so far. (I know, I know - it's only been 6 weeks. But still. I can tell I've got something good going on here.)

Who am I kidding? I've got something amazing. I've got a daughter.

Anyway - since I'm horrible at keeping up-to-date with things so far, I haven't written anything down in Anna's baby book. Which is why I'm going to start documenting it all here in the blog. In a little section I like to call:

Cute Things Anna Has Done So Far
  • She started smiling in reaction to her Mommy and Daddy as of March 12th. Before that, all the smiles she dished out were when she was drifting off to sleep (so her eyes were closed) or are attributed to gas and poop. This was her first honest-to-goodness smile. And it was directed at my face! Incredible feeling I tell you.
  • She's now 10 lbs. 2 oz. at 6 weeks old. She's a champ when it comes to eating. Just like her Mommy and Daddy. We're so proud.
  • She loves to snuggle. Anna will burrow her head into my neck and wrap her little arms around my arm and neck while she drifts off to sleep. Again - amazing feeling.
  • She's getting more and more alert now. She loves looking up at her play gym and gazing around at lights and shapes. She's very advanced for her age. (That's what Daddy and I think, anyway.)
  • Basically, she's just the cutest little thing in the universe.
Which is why we love her to bits and pieces.

How could you not?


  1. How could you not indeed! She really is quite the snuggler... so sweet. Sigh... :) It is great to see you back blogging Hez!

  2. She is absolutely the very best and so cute. What is not to love. I got to hold her for quite a while today, she is very snuggly.

  3. The time does go by fast, so enjoy every second. Just yesterday I was watching my 'baby' climbing trees and riding his bike with his ripped jeans and grubby hands, amazed at how fast ten years whipped by.

  4. I love your blogs and am amazed that you were able to get to them at all! I have to admit being very verklempt when you wrote about your first days, I am such a weepy wooper! Your Mom is not the only one! haha! It is all so sweet and fun to read! Little Howie is a Mom and a darned good one! Can't wait to see you all again, Family Dixon!

    Aunt Sharon