Friday, March 26, 2010

Snore fest

I'm sitting here listening to Anna snore right now. Quite loudly, too.

And, just like the fan that I find absolutely necessary at night time, her snoring is soothing me to sleep. I'm getting drowsier and drowsier. Therefore, this post is going to be a little bit less than exciting, as I'm feeling kind of coma-like. My apologies.

However, one special thing to note:

On this, the twenty-sixth day of March, in the year two-thousand and ten, my little Anna put herself to sleep in her crib for a morning nap.

My goodness, she's advanced.

Seriously. She's only 7 weeks old and still quite little and in need of a lot of attention. But this morning, after I snuggled with her, read her a story and rocked her in the glider in her nursery, I put her down on her soft flannel sheet in her crib with her soother and she lay there, happy and content for a half an hour before peacefully drifting off to sleep on her own.

I am so lucky.

I'm sure if I have another baby, he or she will be the opposite of Anna. So I'm soaking up all the wonderful-ness that is Anna as much as I can.

She's perfect. She's the perfect baby. I have given birth to the perfect child.

Okay - enough with that. I don't want to get too annoying. Time for me to shut my eyes and drift off to sleep myself. To the sounds of baby snores.

So cute.

My current view, looking down.


  1. cute. She sure is growing Hez! Great job!

    Aunt Gerry :)

  2. I have the hugest grin on my face right now! She is so adorable :) She is a good baby, for sure! And you are a good mommy !!!

  3. Great picture Hez.


  4. she's a clay for sure! look at her mouth wide open while snoring blissfully :P