Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Product rave

I've made a new discovery. Well, new to me, anyway. I'm pretty sure it's been in existence for a looooooong time. Anyway, this discovery is oolong tea.

Wikipedia describes Oolong as: a traditional Chinese tea somewhere between green and black in oxidation.

I was reading about it in one of my Mom's "You: Living until you're 175 years old" books. And apparently, 2 cups a day of the oolong has incredible health benefits. Or, so says some doctor (backed up by a study. Or so he says).

And of course, me being a sucker for all the new health trends (hot yoga... need I say more?), I hustled out to the nearest specialty tea store and forked over 8 bucks for a teeny tiny package of the leaves.

I'm just imbibing now. And let me tell you, I'm quite pleased with my purchase. It's delicious and nutritious. I can feel myself getting more youthful with each sip.

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