Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In the words of Nancy Kerrigan: "Why me??"

Reasons why I'm convinced the universe is out to get me (volume 2):
  • I'm leaving for vacation in exactly 3 days and somehow, even though everyone I know is healthy right now, I have developed a cold.
  • When I'm sick and tired and travelling around on a boat (with my tendency to get seasick even when I'm perfectly healthy)... I might have a hard time really appreciating all the beauty of Ecuador.
  • I'm supposed to start boot camp tonight. But I feel sickly and I've got the sweats. (The type of sweats that are ALL over. Seriously - I can feel my shins sweating).
  • Tody is also the day that I had scheduled my bikini wax appointment.

So, in summation, I feel sick and tired and sweaty on the same day that I have to get hair follicles ripped out of my delicate area, the same day that I have to go and let some crazy trainer kick my ass and 3 days before I'm leaving for a land where people with IBS who get seasick and burn really easily probably shouldn't go.


  1. Sending you virtual chicken soup. Get de-follicled, cancel bootcamp and go home and veg on the couch with your seetie. Three days is plenty of time to start to feel better. Can you chuck a sickie at work tomorrow?

  2. I second the whole "cancel boot camp" thing. I'm sure Nancy would also agree.

  3. I hope you're feeling better for your trip. Take lots of vitamin C.