Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The daily grind

It's now been 5 days that I've been back from vacation and 3 days back at work. I'm fully getting into routine again... and I actually don't mind. I'm such a geek.

Actually, I was thinking about it last night - and I think I've come to a conclusion: I like my life. I am fully satisfied with my home, my work, my relationships, my life in general.

I like getting up and making breakfast in my kitchen, bathed in morning sunlight and enjoying the quiet of my house that is only really experienced in the wee hours. I like feeling important at work - making big decisions and having people come to me to solve problems. I love just being with my husband... even when we're doing nothing but sitting side-by-side in the car or on the couch. Just being together makes me feel so calm and happy and complete.

So, while I love vacations (how can you not love travelling, meeting new people, seeing new things and flying by the seat of your pants??), I have to admit that I don't feel dread at coming back home and getting back to the daily grind.

I guess I'm just lucky that way.