Monday, October 4, 2010

Will she love Boney M as much as I do?

Yesterday I almost burned the house down while making brown rice. I also put a bag of fresh baby carrots away in the freezer.

I was really on my game.

I suppose it could be due to the fact that I went for a 10k run yesterday morning (yay me!) and also took Anna out in the afternoon, which resulted in an accidental hour-long walk. (I didn't mean to take her out for an epic jaunt around the neighbourhood. It just sort of happened. Mama's legs were achy. But Anna liked it.)

Anyway, so I was tired. I kind of crashed on the couch around 7:30/8 o'clock last night... but I managed to stay up until 9. (Woo!! They call me the Party Hez... Woooooo!! Party!!!)

I think Anna wanted to torture Mama last night because she didn't wake up once to eat. She woke up twice.


I'm not going to focus on the fact that Anna is 8 months old (today!) and still waking twice in the night to eat. Instead, I'm going to think about happy things.

Like the holidays.

It's cool out today. We have the heat on. So it's starting to really feel like fall now. Which means I'm getting all excited. This is my absolute favourite time of year. Especially since the holiday season is about to be kicked off with Thanksgiving. The eating holiday. Perhaps the best holiday of all.

So, it goes Thanksgiving. Halloween. And then... Christmas. My favourite time of year. (Still. At 31 years old.)

I was telling Andrew the other day that my excitement for the holidays is now going to be times a million, due to the fact that we have Anna to celebrate with. I've already purchased her halloween costume and a bib that says "My first halloween".

Just wait for Christmas. Oh... Christmas. I can hardly wait for all the "My first Christmas" paraphernalia. And the cute little holiday party dresses. And showing Anna off to family. And baking cookies with her. And going for winter walks to look at the Christmas lights.


Whatever Andrew and I do during the holidays - starting right now - that's going to be what Anna remembers when she's a grown up. All of her fond memories. And we get to start making them.

Really now. Christmas with Anna.

Can you tell me how life can get much better?


  1. Nope, can't get much better than this! This is where all you really start reaping the rewards of parenthood! At least the fun ones! Anna is so lucky to have you for parents! Joy, joy, joy!!!

    Love you lots! Aunt S{:~>)))))))

  2. Honestly, this is so poignant for me. To know that all the traditions we developed over the years will be passed on to Anna, life really doesn't get better. Christmas with Anna - bring it on! And who doesn't LOVE Boney M???

  3. Woo! Christmas this year is gonna rock.. It's Anna's first and I got the week off.. Yay!