Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have you ever...

Fellow Mamas. I've been wondering about my sanity lately. So I've got a question or two for y'all.

Tell me. Have you ever...
  • Discovered puke on your clothes LONG after you've gone out?
  • Thought to yourself "Meh" after discovering said puke?
  • Wiped a piece of food off of your kid's face and then licked it, sucked it or consumed it in some other manner off of your finger?
  • Done the old saliva-clean to rub dirt off your kid's face?
  • Found yourself "just finishing up" your kid's breakfast? Or lunch? Or breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • Filled your glass of wine almost to the top because nobody's around to judge you?
  • Realized you're drinking alone?
  • Not cared that you're drinking alone?
  • Started regularly singing to yourself - and singing Every. Single. Thing. that you could normally just say in sentence form quite easily?
  • Made up a song about sweet potato? (Or whatever you're feeding your child that day). (My song goes: "Sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato. I am making you sweet potato!")
  • Started examining your baby's poop closely, noting the size and consistency, looking for evidence of what he or she ate the night before?
  • Stopped referring to your husband by his name? (And found that he answers to Daddy even when the kid isn't around?)
  • Introduced yourself to a group of Moms at a coffee shop and then realized that they're NOT the Moms Group you were supposed to meet up with? (I did this one today).
  • Designated one of your bras the "going into public" bra?
If you've nodded along with any of these... I like you. We can be friends.


  1. This is one funny blog!! Love the new look!

  2. Very funny. I confess to yes to a number of your points. I am guilty. I got a real kick about joining the wrong Mom's group--you have found an unorthodox way to meet new people. I hated finding baby puke on my clothes in public. But all this passes. PS I like the new look too.