Monday, May 10, 2010

The order of things

The following is Anna's ranking of Things She Clearly Loves in order of most exciting and amazing, to least loved. Ranking is judged by, and based on the size of her smile when looking at said object:
  • The tree mural on her wall
  • Kitchen ceiling fan
  • Play mat
  • Blank walls
  • Mommy and Daddy
  • Jolly jumper
  • Light fixtures
I think Mommy and Daddy just squeaked by the Jolly Jumper - mainly because it's brand new to her - and she's still a little small for it. However, I'm pleased to say that we rank higher than light fixtures.

She's lucky she's so cute.


  1. she is darn cute, isn't she? :)

  2. Aww look how cute she is. Adorable daughter you have there guys!

  3. We call that the punishment chair Lol. You have a very pretty daughter :) My baby cousin barely fits in the chair ( she's very much on the chubby side) and when we manage to put her in... gravity pulls her sideways.