Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anna cries at Mama's singing

Here's an email I sent to my friend today.

Subject: At Kindermusik class today...

... we actually "trotted" around the room while singing to our babies.

Perhaps sometime in the FAR future, (after a glass of wine or two), I will show you my trotting abilities.

Anna enjoyed herself for the first half... then she got tired and was having none of my trotting anymore.


So, yeah. Anna cried at some of Mommy's singing. But I'm blaming it on her being tired... not my wonderful Streisand-like voice.

Kindermusik was fun! It was just an hour of singing and a little dancing. Anna's still pretty young, but I think she'll enjoy it.

So - day 3 of Getting Out with Anna Week was also a good one.

And now, I'm sitting on the couch eating and watching PVR'd shows again while Anna naps.

Life is still good.

***Editor's Note.... Here's my friend's response to my email:

"Hahahahaha! THANK YOU for that update! Please paint me the whole picture… what were you singing??"

(My dear friend is quite obviously loving this. Maybe Anna should take note.)


  1. Yes, what were you singing? It's good to know a bunch of songs to sing... you and your brother loved singing along with me when you were little and goodness know I take "pitchy" to a new level :)

  2. sounds like anna had a lot of fun! and, i bet all the singing and dancing helps in her growth and development.. you'll have to show us sometime.. ha!

  3. and, you've exposed her to the hockey rink as well.. that's going to be one well-rounded child :)