Friday, November 5, 2010

Nothing is safe anymore

Anna has discovered the joy of magazines.

She's currently sitting on the kitchen floor, by the microwave stand where we store most of our old magazines that we want to keep for one reason or another.

She's pulling them off the rack, one by one, ripping a few pages and then discarding the magazine, in search of another issue that's more exciting.

I think it's safe to say that our stuff is no longer safe.

(Pause for a moment, as Anna bumps her noggin on the floor and needs a little cuddle from Mama).

Anna crawls like a champ now and pulls herself up onto everything. There's no stopping her. And there's no more sitting and watching for me.

In the kitchen, she likes to take all the magnets off the lower part of the fridge and she loves pulling the tea towels off the oven handle. Once Anna's been in a room, you know it by the clear signs: the wake of discarded "stuff" all over the floor.

I can't tell you how many times I've stepped on cheerios or other pieces of fallen food. In the basement, we have to delicately step around Anna's maze of toys in order to ensure we don't fall and break something. In the bathroom, you'll find her nasal aspirator, wash cloths and numerous bath toys. Random items of Anna's clothes can often be found in the living room, in her car seat or at the front door by her diaper bag.

Anna has clearly taken over.

But, when you get to stare at a face like this day in and day out, how can you mind, really?

Your beloved floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are next on my list, Mom.


  1. Welcome to parenthood with a toddler. So many things change when they are making a mess all the time; but worth every minute with the little faces shining back with a smile.

  2. Look at that little angel staring out at you... and now the fun begins! Never a second to yourself unless she's sleeping, or her grandma is taking care of her, an offer which is always on the table :)

  3. Funny how eventually you just get used to having broken or missmatched things. :-)